Pool Before Cleanup
Pool Before Cleanup

Pool After Cleanup
Pool After Cleanup

Weekly Pool/Spa Services

Included in weekly service:

  • Chemicals Checked and Balanced
  • Water Level and Cleaning System Checked
  • Baskets Cleaned
  • Pool Brushed
  • Surface Netted
  • Vacuuming as needed

Weekly Pool Service......... $125.00/month & up

Filter Cleanings................ $60.00 for weekly service customers
$85.00 for non-service customers

Other Services (prices vary)

  • Tile Cleaning (using Glass Bead), to remove calcium deposits
  • Acid Washes and Chlorine Baths
  • Drain and Fills
  • Pool Orientations
  • Pool Clean-ups
  • Equipment Repairs/Replacement
  • Salt System Installation
  • Solar Cover Installation
  • Pool Light Repairs
  • Pool Coded Gates
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